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  • Chanje's Medium-Duty Electric Van
    Chanje Energy, Inc. unveiled its Class 5 battery-electric commercial van at an Oct. 18 event in Fullerton, Calif. The vehicle provides 100 miles of electric range with 3,000 pounds of payload, and can reach a top speed of 80 mph. Read more here. Photos by Chris Brown, Paul Clinton, and Amy Hercher.
  • Strong Production Reduces Class 8 Backlogs
    Strong Class 8 production in the Month of September has impacted the backlog and build rate, according to an ACT Research report.
  • Commentary: The Remanufacturing World's Problem With Cores
    The biggest pain point for everyone involved in remanufacturing is cores. Things such as core management traceability, identifying cores, accounting for cores, space to store cores, and even the transportation of cores all add complexity to remanufacturing. Aftermarket Contributing Editor Denise Rondini talks cores in her latest column.
  • What's Hot in Medium-Duty for 2018
    Big rigs are grabbing all the technology headlines today. But medium-duty truck and van models continue to see improved safety and productivity. Check out HDT's annual round-up of what's new in medium-duty.
  • Electric Axle for Trucks Saves Up to 15% in Fuel, Hyliion Says
    The Hyliion 6X4HE system, which includes an electric APU that saves another 12% in fuel, is being tested by three major fleets.