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The West Virginia Trucking Association is a statewide, non-profit, association of trucking companies, private fleet operators, industry suppliers, and other firms and individuals interested in the well-being of motor transportation at the local, state and national level.

We act as a liaison with many state agencies including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Public Service Commission (PSC), Department of Transportation (DOT), State Police and State Tax Department.

Recent reports show the trucking industry in WV paid approximately $246 million in federal and state roadway taxes and fees. The industry paid 37 percent of all taxes and fees owed by West Virginia motorists.

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“Ask yourself what is more important – your reputation or your bottom line?  You may want to debate it, but in the end the answer is easy—your bottom line is affected by your reputation.  That is why I believe it is necessary to be a member of the WVTA.   Being a member not only proves we are involved in the trucking industry, but shows we are committed to making our companies and industry the best  it can be.  Membership does not cost—it pays.”

- Fred Burns, Chairman, CEO of Burns Motor Freight.

WVTA Members Receive a 2.7% discount
West Virginia Trucking Association members recieve a 2.7% discount



Transport Topics


  • UPS Ramping Up Biodiesel Use
    UPS has signed agreements with three suppliers for up to 46 million gallons of biodiesel over the next three years as part of its goal to significantly reduce emissions by 2020.
  • VW Updates Transporter and Caddy Vans
    We check out the updated Volkswagen Transporter and Caddy Vans in France and Sweden and ask the question, could these vans be U.S. bound?
  • Senate Approves House’s 3-Month Highway Bill
    The Senate passed its massive and contentious long-term highway bill and then approved the three-month extension of federal highway funding passed earlier by the House. The $8 billion patch, which runs out on October 29, has been sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign the bill.


  • Senate blinks in standoff with House, passes three-month funding patch
    The final week Congress was in session before the August recess has pitted the two chambers against each other on how to approach the next highway bill. The House wanted to wait to draft its version until after the recess and opted to pass a short three-month extension of the current highway legislation. The Senate unveiled its new highway bill in early July and insisted it be passed.
  • Missouri laws change certain truck height, weight limits
    Missouri state lawmakers are moving forward with changes to various rules that affect truck drivers. One new law expands the height and weight limits for trucks in central Missouri. A separate new law also effective Aug. 28 is intended to make Missouri farmers more competitive with those in neighboring states.
  • California group suing CARB believes 31 fires have been caused by DPF
    A coalition of businesses and truck owners who are suing the California Air Resources Board believe a recent rash of roadside fires is part of a larger trend – diesel particulate filters failing the very environment they were designed to protect.