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LAS VEGAS — Even as automated vehicle developers tamped down inflated expectations for fully self-driving passenger cars at CES 2020, several companies continued to tout the market potential for highly automated commercial vehicles.

The six electric vehicles known collectively as Little Roady navigate a 5-mile loop in regular traffic and steer themselves into 10 curbside stops, giving lawyers and laborers alike a free ride.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with OptiCat to distribute digital product data and photographs securely to Bendix’s channel partners for use on e-commerce platforms.

The LED is the alternative to the long-established halogen-enhanced incandescent bulb and the more recent high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs that have seen some uptake by truck manufacturers.

As the trucking industry and government regulators both seek to take advantage of productivity, safety and maintenance-enhancing opportunities presented by technology, are we about to encounter a wave that cannot be met with the existing tractor-trailer power and communications architecture?

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West Virginia Trucking Association members recieve a 2.7% discount

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