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WVTA Buyers Guide


What Kind of Wages Does the Trucking Industry Pay in West Virginia?

The average annual wage for the industry is greater than the construction, service and retail industries. Trucking industry wages exceeded $1.3 billion, with an average annual trucking industry salary of $34,410. (Truck drivers held 16,160 of these jobs and an annual salary of $33,305.)

Who Regulates WVTA Members?

WVTA members do a great job managing their businesses.
However, as with all major industries, WVTA members receive oversight by many city, county, state and federal regulatory agencies. In addition to policing ourselves, listed below are just some of the state agencies, which oversee and regulate member operations:

West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
West Virginia Department of Transportation
West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
West Virginia Department of Public Safety
West Virginia Public Service Commission
West Virginia State Tax Department

What are WVTA’s Issues?

There are always issues that are very important to our industries, where we must be proactive in our approach. We have developed the following position statements to educate lawmakers, which concisely explain our views on these issues.

Safety & Environment
Our industry’s main focus is on safety as well as the environment.

Highway Funding
While it is critical to appropriately fund our highway system, WVTA believes we need to analyze where the dollars are going and determine how they can be spent more efficiently.

Economic and Jobs Development
Build and sustain a business competitive environment.

Fiscal Responsibility
State government maintain prudent budgeting.

Responsible Government
We would like to see prudence, integrity and transparency in government.

Have a responsible and work-ready workforce.

Legal Reform
A fair legal system  in West Virginia supports economic development and jobs.

Who Operates the WVTA?

Day-to-day operations of WVTA are conducted by the organization's president. The role of the president is to assist members in increasing their business effectiveness and profitablilty by providing resources for education, training and ideas exchanged; encouraging a high level of business ethics and a postive image for the industry; encouraging governmental action beneficial to the industries through active participation of its membership; and, providing cost effective services for the membership.

Jan Vineyard serves as the president of WVTA.

Jan was named executive director of the West Virginia Petroleum Marketers (WVPMA) and West Virginia Association of Convenience Stores in July 1993. On January 1, 1996 the two organizations merged with the WV Retail Grocers Association to create the West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocers Association, Inc. Jan retained the position of executive director for this expanded group of nearly 250 members.

Effective October 1, 2006, OMEGA took over management of the West Virginia Motor Truck Association. At that time, Jan became president of both associations. Jan worked for Ashland Oil (1978-1993) in supply, transportation and sales. She holds a B.B.A in Marketing & Transportation and an M.B.A from Marshall University.

Who are WVTA’s Officers?

Chairman - Daniel Harmon | Con-way Freight (Belle, WV)
First Vice-Chairman - John Burns | Burns Motor Freight (Marlinton, WV)
Second Vice-Chairman - Aaron Stowers | Lincoln Leasing/Jag Coal Services
Secretary/Treasurer - Bryan Christian | Petroleum Transport (Belle, WV)
Immediate Past Chairman - Mike Smith | Appalachian Tire Products, Inc. (Williamson, WV)
President - Jan Vineyard | WV Trucking Association

WVTA Members Receive a 2.7% discount
West Virginia Trucking Association members receive a 2.7% discount

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