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Tonight ABC 20/20 will highlight life on the road as a truck driver.  According to the producer, the part that ABC filmed with an America’s Road Team Captain (Steve Fields, YRC Freight) and Interstate One, ATA’s Image Truck, will also be included in the piece but has been cut down.  That portion should focus on highway safety as the reporter did a ride-a-long and we have been working with the producer on safety tips for the four wheelers.  The truck driver they highlight in ‘Trucking Isn’t a Job or a Career, It’s a Lifestyle’: A Trucker’s Story looks professional and his story seems positive from the blog.   Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. EST for ABC 20/20.  

The ATA Share the Road tour stopped in Dayton, Ohio this week and received some great media coverage!  Special thanks to Kevin Burch and his team at Jet Express for hosting the media event and inviting the Dayton business and trucking community to participate.  Highlights include:
NBC:      http://youtu.be/Zz8JB0o1264 
CBS:       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j5q9ea1JPk&feature=c4-overview&list=UUELA_0L0XYt3pvgdDpY-WrA
Both outlets are still playing the clips this morning which is great.  We are grateful for Mack Trucks and Michelin North America for sponsoring the Share the Road program and TA-Petro and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems for supporting Share the Road.

Thanks to ATA and Elisabeth Barna for all they do for the trucking industry ... it's image and drivers.

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