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Currently, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration displays a poster depicting victims of truck-involved crashes in its main lobby as you enter their Headquarters office space in Washington DC.  This poster was presented to FMCSA by a number of anti-truck groups.  Not only does this poster attempt to shed a negative light on the trucking industry, it does nothing to accurately portray the safety-first mentality of the overwhelming majority of fleets and drivers in the industry.  Many ATA and industry representatives who have seen the poster are offended by it.  To address this concern, ATA is requesting your help!


All state associations are being asked to assemble a database of professional drivers from throughout their states who have achieved at least one million safe, accident-free miles.  Upon completion of this database, ATA plans to present a poster to Administrator Anne Ferro listing the thousands of professional truck drivers who have achieved at least one million safe, accident-free miles who are presently moving America's goods on our nation's highways.  Our hope is that Administrator Ferro will post this in the Agency's lobby to demonstrate the trucking industry's commitment to safety.

We are asking each of our members to please submit the names of drivers who have achieved one million or more accident-free miles.   ATA recognizes you may have records that are from drivers who have retired, but they are asking that we only compile our list from drivers who have achieved a million miles anniversary, or more, and are still driving, on or after January 1, 2012 to best reflect today's drivers.

Please send your list to traci@omegawv.com  by the end of June, 2014.  We need the drivers first and last names, company name, state and number of accident-free miles driven (million miles or more).

Thanks for helping us compile this list for ATA!

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