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We received a call last Tuesday morning from Greer Industries, Inc., a non-WVTA member,  regarding a vote to be taken in Morgantown at City Council that evening regarding an ordinance that would regulate truck traffic in downtown Morgantown.  The ordinance passed with a vote of 6 – 1.  The call, of course, was too late for us to get involved in the vote on Tuesday.  As a general rule we cannot watch every city council and we depend on members to notify us of actions in which we need to get involved.

On behalf of OMEGA and WVTA members, Jan Vineyard met with Governor Tomblin late last week to convey the concerns members have with SB 373 and the aboveground storage tank (AST) portion of the bill.  Jan told Governor Tomblin that members are having difficulty getting tanks registered by October 1st and stressed that they were trying their best.  Jan further stated that members did not see any way possible to have required tank inspections done by January 1, 2015.  The Governor also has concerns and has been speaking daily with DEP regarding the issues surrounding the AST portion of the bill. He stated that he thought the easiest solution at this time would to be to call a Special Session in November to delay the inspection date until January 1, 2016.  We applaud Governor Tomblin, as well as DEP Secretary Randy Huffman and staff, President Kessler and Speaker Miley who all agree this is the best course of action.  This also will allow for technical fixes to the bill as well.  Anytime an important piece of legislation is drafted and passed in only sixty days there is always a need for corrections.  The intent of the legislation will stay intact, but some changes will be necessary when the session begins in January 2016.

An article by the Charleston Gazette stated in regards to the Blue Ribbon Commission: "Nearly two years since its creation by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, and nearly a year after it issued recommendations for funding state roads, the final report of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Highways has yet to be issued -- although it will be released by next month, according to the commission chairman.  

Due to the water crisis, session and numerous other issues the final report did not get issued in the timely fashion. Jason Pittizella and the three committee chairs – Bob Orders, Revenue Committee Chair; Joe Deneault, Infrastructure Committee Chair; and Jan Vineyard, Legislative and Public Outreach Committee Chair are currently meeting with hopes of having the final plan ready by November 1st.

Here is another news article - U.S. 33 in WV: Deadly Curves and Dangerous Drop Offs - from the Charleston Gazette, which you may find of interest regarding our roads.

Scott Darling has been named the interim administrator of FMCSA upon the departure of Anne Ferro.  

Darling was appointed FMCSA chief counsel by President Obama in September 2012. He came to FMCSA from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the public transit agency serving the greater Boston area, where he served as the deputy chief of staff and assistant general counsel.  Prior to joining the MBTA, Darling provided counsel to a number of public and private sector clients on transportation, land-use, housing and environmental issues. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Clark University, a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Tufts University and a Juris Doctor’s degree from Suffolk University.

Recently ATA issued guidance designed to assist motor carriers and drivers when discussing obstructive sleep apnea with medical examiners. The guidance informs motor carriers about recent changes to the medical examiner certification process and provides suggested questions trucking companies and drivers can use to frame a discussion with doctors about reasonable expectations for the OSA screening and treatment. Also included in the guidance is an explanation of what is required of the medical examiner under current regulations and clarification of many common misconceptions on the issue.

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